CCC Roofing Images

* New Construction Single Hung


  1. Extruded Nail Fin (removable for replacement applications)
  2. Fully Extruded Recessed J-Channel
  3. Beveled Exterior Main-Frame
  4. Quanex Building Products Most Advanced Warm Edge Spacer Durante
  5. 3/4 Insulated Double Strength Glass Unit
  6. Fully Extruded Interlock at Sash Locking Rail
  7. Reinforced lnnergy'" Rigid Thermal Interlock System Available (standard in meeting rail only)
  8. Multi-Point Double Barrier-Fin Weather Stripping System Along Sash and Main-Frame
  9. Sloped Sill Design
  10. Multi-Chambered Sash and Main-Frame
  11. Foam-Filled Frame Available
  12. Fully Extruded Lift Rail
  13. E-Z Tilt(TM) Sash Design with Routed Flush Mount Dual Tilt Latches


  • Triple-Pane Glass Options Available
  • Uniframe Twin Option Available
  • Sunshield Virgin Vinyl with Tltanium Alloy Compound
  • Main-Frame Jamb Depth Dimension of 3%
  • Patented Fusion Welded Frame and Sash
  • Constant Force Balance System
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