CCC Roofing Images

* Replacement Double Hung


  1. Fully Extruded interlock at Sash Locking Rail
  2. Reinforced Innergy' Rigid Thermal Interlock System Available
  3. Multi-Point Double Barrier-Fin Weather Stripping System
  4. Along Sashes and Main-Frame
  5. Sloped Sill Design
  6. Foam-Filled Frame Available
  7. Quanex Buildng Products Most Advanced Warm
  8. Edge Spacer Duralite"
  9. Fully Extruded Lift Rail
  10. Tilt Sash Design with Routed Flush Mount
  11. Dual Tilt Latches
  12. Twin Vent Stops
  13. Triple-Pane Glass Options Available


  • Virgin Vinyl with Titanium Alloy Compound
  • Main-Frame Jamb Depth Dimension of 3%"
  • Patented Fusion Welded Frame and Sashes
  • Half Screen Standard. Full Screen is Available
  • Constant Force Balance System
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